Monday, December 31, 2012

What We Stand Upon

O dirt, how I pity thee
How strong and formidable, you must be
to hold and carry, our tremendous weight
Your body must groan, wither and ache

To sustain life, you sacrifice your own
and travel the winds, forever alone
You never settle, in one place for long
You do your best, to try and belong

Your valiant effort, goes unseen
Like the worker, behind the scene 
You hide and tremble, amidst the decay
and cover the bodies, over which you lay

Blood trickles and soaks your skin
It seeps and drips, staining within
The blood pierces, like the blade of a knife
But from this destruction, you bring life

We take and take and steal some more
We drill into, your very core
Yet you give, what we cannot
You bring life where there was nought 

You cover our bodies, protecting our bones
Validating life, giving a home to stones