Monday, December 31, 2012

Raskolnikov and Sonia

A murderer and his adulteress
Will their love have a chance?

Driven by necessity
Driven by madness
She'll follow him to the end

A murderer and his adulteress
Do they dare to stand a chance?

Eyes so cold
Pierce their soul
Judging them
Tearing them apart

How can they last in this place we call home
When in reality they're all alone

Alone to face their sins
In a world of their own
Love is their punishment
Their sins - their crime

Filled with hate
He'll drag her down too
She never stood a chance
He'll bring her down too

She'll do her best
To save his soul
but she's a shepherd without her staff
The blind leading the blind

Will these two survive?
The murderer and his adulteress
In a world darkened by hate
With eyes ice cold

The murderer and his adulteress
Together they'll suffer
Their sins are their crime
And love is their punishment