Monday, December 31, 2012



Mirrors lie
They bring out the worst in you
For no reason at all
They show your flaws
but never your beauty

They make you feel fat
They make you look ugly
They tear at your confidence
They break down your self-esteem
They take you apart

No one escapes them
Not even the best of us
That perfect girl three doors down?
She spends hours in front of the mirror
Taking in it's lies
Feeding on it's beliefs
Giving in and giving up
She loses herself in the mirror
Just like everyone else

Like puppets on a string
We all give in
We all fall victim
We suffer and agonize
Wanting to turn away
Hating to give in
but the allure is too great
the lies are too strong

They sound over and over 
Filling your ears
Shaping your mind

They turn you against yourself
Ugly, fat, scrawny, tiny
The words that haunt you
Lanky, quirky, awkward, stout
The lies you're told

The lies you're led to believe

Mirrors - they lie
They show you your flaws
but never your beauty
they break you down
they suck you in and close around you

You can't escape
And though you pretend otherwise
Deep down you know the truth
Deep down you know why

Breaking free makes pulling away
And trusting in yourself
And if you fall short
There's no one to blame but you

It's better to blame the mirrors
Mirrors and their seductive lies
Mirrors and their hollow promises
Their false hopes and tainted beliefs

Being different is not an option
It never was
Try as we might
We're all the same inside
We're puppets on a string
Giving into hollow promises
Believing the lies that are easy to see through
Ugly, fat, weak
Not one of those lies are true
And yet we believe them
We believe in the mirrors and when things go wrong
We blame them too

Because we all know 
It's better to blame the mirrors
Than your own weakness

Because mirrors
They lie