Monday, December 31, 2012

Losing Faith

I'm losing my faith
Little by little
Like a stream, that finally gave up
and started to trickle

It trickled and wept 
until it was no more
Leaving behind a hallow road
Where life had once been

Time continues to pass me by
Bringing with it a brand new day
that will soon darken and fade
until it turns to night
and nothing's left

I'm losing faith
but not in you
I'm losing my faith
but never in you
I feel myself slipping away
slipping away and draining out
my faith turns into a trickle
slowly draining away

Time continues to pass me by
Fading in and out
Soon they'll be nothing left
Nothing left but darkness for me
but they'll be light for you

You'll always be there
You're the balm to my sore
the yin to my yang
the one I crave to be the most
the one I find myself yearning to be
the one I know I can never become

but the one I want the most

Faith is a powerful thing
something I can no longer grasp
Perhaps I'm lost forever
but maybe I'm not
I guess we'll never know
but we can only sit and hope
for a brand new day to come
where darkness turns to light
and with light brings hope

When that day comes the river will flow again
Time will find itself stilled
and in this stillness my faith will return

but it will not come alone

for with my faith comes you
and all my hopes
all my dreams
the ones I've slowly lost
they'll come back to me
they'll make me

they'll make you

I guess this is just my way
of letting you know
that without you
there's nothing left to live for
there's no hope
no dreams
no rivers flowing or days of light
losing you means losing myself
and slowly losing my faith
and with that loss of faith come darkness
darkness and a hollow road
a hollow road that leads to a hollow heart
a hollow heart filled with hollowed dreams and hollowed hopes
And nothing else to live for

I'm losing my faith
Little by little
Like a stream that finally gave up
and started to trickle