Monday, December 31, 2012

Letter to God

Dear God,
I know it's been awhile, since I've written to you.
But what to write, I had not a clue
There was this girl, a friend of mine
who had beautiful eyes, and hair that would shine.
She was pretty, and she was sweet
She made me feel, as if I were complete
Together we'd spend hours, alone at night
Cuddling and kissing, until it got light
Maybe I sinned, maybe it was wrong
but my feelings for her, were too damn strong
I asked her to marry me, and she said yes
What happened next, you can only guess

Time went by and the years slipped away
but no matter what, I'll remember the day
the day she came to me, with tears in her eyes
but they were not tears of sorrow, nor of demise
They were tears of joy, as she sat me down
and told me just what, the doctor had found
Inside her womb now grew a child
And for a moment, I went wild
For this was great news for someone like me
It was hard to believe, I was a father-to-be

I know you don't understand why I did not write
When I had a future, so happy and bright
I promise I was thankful, and grateful for it all
at least until the day I got the call
the one from the hospital, where my son was born
the call that left me, feeling torn

I don't know why you did it, I don't understand
Why all this pain I had to withstand?
You called my son to the heavens above
Where he would be yours to hold and to love
but why God, why did she go too?
Was one death not enough for me to go through?
I just don't know what I'm supposed to do
I've tried hard all my life to try and please you
I went to church, I said my prayers
I had a cross up and downstairs

but I guess that wasn't enough for you
and  all this pain I must go through
and I have no one by my side
but at least I could say that I tried
to keep you happy, but it couldn't be done
You took away my wife, after my son
so here's the letter I promised to write
when my future was, happy and bright
but things have changed and so have I
I spent all my time, trying to get by
but I just can't seem to find it in me
to just let things go, and let them be
I find myself wishing it had been me you had taken
wishing you realized, that you were mistaken
and come down and take me away
so with my wife in heaven I can stay
but that's impossible and now I know why
everything I learned about you was a lie
there is no God, you do not exist
No matter how much others insist

because the God they claim to know
is not one who would sink so low
to take away a man's wife, and his son
so now in my hand, lies a gun
but it's not for you, it's for me
because now my eyes are open, I finally see
that without you standing in my way
with my wife and son I can lay
and together we'll be, in the land of the lost
where we'll be happy, no matter the cost