Thursday, September 12, 2013

Letter to God (New Version)

I would appreciate some feedback!

Dear God,
I know it's been awhile, since I've written to you
But what to write, I had not a clue
There was this girl, a friend of mine
with beautiful eyes and a smile divine
I loved her eyes, I loved her laugh
She truly was, my other half
Maybe it was wrong, how hard I fell
but when I was with her, my heart would swell
Together we'd spend, hours at night
Kissing and cuddling, until it got light
Maybe I sinned, maybe I was wrong
but my feelings for her, were too damn strong
I asked her to marry me, and she said yes
What happened next, you can only guess

Time went by, the years slipped away
But no matter what, I'll remember the day
The day she came to me and sat me down
and told me just what, the doctor had found
Inside her womb, now grew our child
and for a moment, I went wild
This was great news, for someone like me,
It was hard to believe, I was a father-to-be

I know you don't understand, why I did not write
When the life you gave me, was happy and bright
You knew I was thankful, and happy for it all
At least until, I got the call
The one from the hospital, where my son was born
The call that left me, feeling torn

Why did you do? Why'd you take him away?
Why couldn't you just let him stay?
You called him to the heavens above
Where he would be yours, to hold and love
But why God why, did she go too?
Was one death not enough for me to go through?
I don't understand it, it doesn't make sense
The sorrow in my heart, became immense
I did everything right, were you mad at me?
Was happy not what I was meant to be?
Did I fail as a husband? Where did I go wrong?
I always made sure, my prayers were long
I prayed and prayed and prayed some more
I had a cross on every door

I guess it wasn't enough for you
and now all this pain, I must go through
The least I could say, is that I tried
to try and remain, on your good side
I wanted to keep you happy, but it couldn't be done
You took away my wife, after my son

So here's the letter, I promised to write
When I held my wife, close at night
Before my son had been taken away
When I had, only good things to say

Here's the letter, I promised to write
When my future appeared, happy and bright
But things have changed, and so have I
I spent my time, trying to get by
But it's just not in me, to let things go
Losing my wife, was a fatal blow
I find myself wishing, it had been me you had taken
wishing you realized, you were mistaken
I wanted you to come, to take me away
And with my wife and son I'd stay
but that is impossible, and now I know why
Everything I learned about you, was all a lie
There is no God, you don't exist
No matter how much, others insist

The God they claim to know
Would never sink so low
to take away a man's wife and son
and so in my hand, now lies a gun
But it's not for you, it's for me
My eyes are open, I finally see
I found a way, to be with my wife
By taking away, my very own life
Together we'll be, in the land of the lost
where we'll be happy, no matter the cost


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My mixture of W. B. Yeats poems

O'Leary is in his grave
and a terrible beauty is born
In the country, the people crave
to find someone else to mourn
Romantic Ireland is dead and gone
A figure in the past
In it's place a seed has spawn
one that cannot last

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Oh, sing us a song my little sparrow
About the queen who lost her pharoah
A song of true love torn apart
of love, that could never start
Sing us a song of truth and sadness
And maybe save us, from this madness
Sing us a song that will set us free
Free from lies, and misery
Sing us a song and do your best
To let our souls, lay at rest
Sing away our fears of leaving
Do not give into our grieving
Help us escape from this hell
and hope that everything turns out well
Oh, sing us a song

Written in 2008

The Devil's Game

We are all victims of the Devil's Game
like toy soldiers, or pawns in a game of chess
we await the commands of our master

The game is brutal and death is common
Those who do survive are nothing more than
mindless zombies that walk, talk and remember

Many try to escape, but they always fail
Once you play the Devil's Game, it never ends

There may be times when you believe the game has ended
but then the Devil's crinkly red hand wraps itself around you 
and throws you into the heat of the game once more

Face It
We're all victims of the Devil's Game
A game in which we cannot win
escape is futile so you might as well
Give in

Written in 2008

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Vixen

With a heavy heart, he rose from bed
Vowing to finally let go, and get away
Weary weighed his features
Down like a rock

Grief, it clutches
Squeezing his heart
Making it hard to breath
Hard to think

He vowed to get away
Away from the eyes of fire and ice
When he wakes up, he knows he is blind
but when he sleeps, he can finally see

The grief he feels
is nothing like the pain inside
He is numb, so very numb
But his anger flickers bright
And amidst the chaos, he knows he is free

The vixen was gone
Vanished away
Her eyes had faded
Flickering away

And then he knew
That the struggle was over
His pain was gone

and then, he opened his eyes