Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Vixen

With a heavy heart, he rose from bed
Vowing to finally let go, and get away
Weary weighed his features
Down like a rock

Grief, it clutches
Squeezing his heart
Making it hard to breath
Hard to think

He vowed to get away
Away from the eyes of fire and ice
When he wakes up, he knows he is blind
but when he sleeps, he can finally see

The grief he feels
is nothing like the pain inside
He is numb, so very numb
But his anger flickers bright
And amidst the chaos, he knows he is free

The vixen was gone
Vanished away
Her eyes had faded
Flickering away

And then he knew
That the struggle was over
His pain was gone

and then, he opened his eyes