Monday, October 20, 2014


A picture
A picture of memories
Of good times
Of the bad
The edges crinkled from being carried around
The edges worn from being shown to the world
A picture
A photograph
but the canvas is blank

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Midnight Stroll

Time weighed heavily on his bones
1806, 1943
Each step he took, he walked a century
1740, 1856, 1901
Dust stirred beneath his aged form
1723, 1907 and 1908 respectively

Death surrounded him
1812, 1776, 2009
In all it's glory

Abecedarian of a Lost Soul

A boy, a girl, a hero
Born or forgotten?
Cast into a mold or
Doomed to create their
Every move and desire,
Forcing their presence -
God-like and unholy,
Hellbent, or lurking
In the sunlight,
Jaded by their own
Kin, hated by others but
Loved, for who they
Make themselves out
Not to be, for fear of being
Ostracized by society,
Policed by constraints that
Quiver their soul, that
Reaps what it sows
Savoring the mold, though
Tossing it to the side
Unabashed, unafraid, unashamed
Veering to find themselves
Waiting for that
x-ray to come back saying
“You are who you are” not a

Zealot or a soldier but….