Monday, December 31, 2012

Letter to Me

As I was coming home from work today,
I came across a woman who was old and gray
and in her arms what did I see?
A letter addressed From Me To Me
Curious, I asked what the letter said
The woman she sighed and shook her head
At first I doubted she would say a word
but soon she started in a voice I barely heard

"It's to a young woman I once knew.
A woman who was beautiful and whose love was true.
She had a lot to live for but threw it away
and that is something she regrets to this day"

And with a sigh the woman finished her piece
she turned away and looked as if her worries would cease
when that letter she wrote was mailed away

And on my mind this scene will stay
For I could not help but wonder if I'd be the same
Was my life really as great as I would like to claim
or was it something a little less?
If I wrote a letter to me what would I confess?

Would I write the words I was afraid to say?
The words I've been wanting to say since that day?
The day you told me you were leaving for good
and it was in our best interest that you should
Would I break down and say the words that have long stood true?
Would I finally admit that I love you?
Or will I wallow and wait
to accept my fate
Because the truth was too hard to bear?

Denial is a beautiful thing
It keeps one both strong and sane
And no matter what I do
My scars will remain
You know you weren't there
The times when I needed you the most
The times when all I wanted was to hold you close

I know things have changed and so have you
But it's still hard to forgive after all I've been through
I loved you but you let me down
And in my sorrow I felt I would drown
You said you were sorry, you were filled with regret
But no matter what I could never forget
All those times you left me standing by
Those times I wished I could just die
If you didn't want me then what could I do?
I was nothing without you
You were my life, my future
but soon that changed too

But, if I wrote a letter to myself, what would I write?
That I had a future so happy and bright?
That I threw it away and now it's too late
or that I changed things around and set them straight?

I guess only time will tell, but one thing I do know
Is that no matter how far in life I will go
I will remember that woman, old and gray
And remember the words she said that day
The very words that I needed to hear
To bring you back home where I'll hold you dear

Forever and ever in my arms once again
And together, a letter to me we'll send