Sunday, September 7, 2014

Ode to Cigarettes (Draft 3)

The end of your body burns
Releasing your spirit 
Filling my lungs, entering my soul
with the fragrance of Death

Selbstmord begehen (to commit suicide)

My nerves, they crave you
My poison, of choice
Your chain, caresses my heart

Making my every desire, yours

Abhängigkeit (addiction)

I loathe the thought of you
But one glimpse of your long,
slender figure, and I know,
I am yours again

Rückfall (relapse)

As your numbers,

quickly dwindle away,
in a spark of fire,
I know that one day 
My soul will be cleansed
As I ascend to Heaven
With clouds at my feet

Rauchschwaden (cloud of smoke)